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Winter Term Courses WS 20/21

The courses provided by the laboratory of Plant and Process Design covers a lot of areas of engineering work. A description of the different courses will be find on the respective websites.



The elective courses will be updated yearly. Therefor it is possible that elective courses from older module handbook versions were not offered any more. On our website you will always find the current available courses. These correspond to the current module handbook.

Further requirements and rules to take part in the elective courses (as well as in the obligatory courses) you will find in the current module handbuch also. Thus, all information given on the following websites are without engagement.


Instructions for LSF online course registration can be found here.

Rules for courses with registration can be found here.

We do not prepare certificates of attendance for our courses!




Course of studies





CIW/BIW Master (Wahl)

CIW/BIW Bachelor (Wahl)

wird voraussichtlich  nicht mehr angeboten



CIW/BIW Bachelor (Pflicht)

nicht erforderlich


Bioprocess Simulation

Grundlagen des Prozessdesigns
Bioprocess Development

CIW Master (Wahl)
PSE Master (elective)


  ChemCar Wettbewerb ChemCar Wettbewerb CIW/BIW Master (Wahl) erforderlich


Conceptual Design

CIW/BIW Master (Wahl)
PSE Master (obligatory)

nicht erforderlich
not required

  Gruppenarbeit Gruppenarbeit  BIW/CIW Bachelor erforderlich im BOSS
  Group Project Group Project CIW Master PSE required


Simulation dynamischer Prozesse

Grundlagen des Prozessdesigns

CIW/BIW Master(Wahl)



Grundlagen des Prozessdesigns

CIW/BIW Master (Wahl)






Exams of Courses which are not teached this semester



Prozessgestaltung (APT & EISS, 2,5h)
Prozessgestaltung (APT & PA, 3h)


Klausur: 12.03.2020

08:00-11:00 / Chemie HS 1

Klausurergebnisse (pdf)

Steady State Simulation

Modeling and Simulation                        

Exam: 16.03.2020, PC Pool II and III 
Review will be announced                                                                                                           

Bioprocess Simulation

Grundlagen des Prozessdesigns
Bioprocess Development

Exam: 03.02.2020, 11:00, PC Pool I
Registration via E-Mail: mareike.schreiber@tu-dortmund.de
Review will be announced


27.02.2020/14:00-15:30, Audimax, Mathe E28/E29