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Maren Termühlen

Maren Termühlen Photo of Maren Termühlen

(+49)231 755-2339

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Room G2-R3.20


Curriculum Vitae

Born August 8th, 1991 in Steinfurt (Germany)
2002 – 2011 Arnold-Janssen-Gymnasium, Neuenkirchen (Germany)
2011 – 2015

B.Sc. Biochemical Engineering Studies, TU Dortmund University

Bachelor thesis: Kinetic Investigation of the Usage of Immobilized Enzymes in Reactive Distillation Columns

2015 – 2016

M.Sc. Chemical Engineering Studies, TU Dortmund University

Master thesis: Kinetic Investigations Towards the Design of a Novel MSMPR Cascade with Separated Nucleation and Growth Zone

Since 2017

PhD at the Laboratory of Plant and Process Design, TU Dortmund University

Field of Research: Continuous crystallization

Field of Research

To obtain and increase the amount of consistent in-spec crystalline products, the control of their quality towards, e.g., a specific crystal size distribution (CSD), purity or morphology is essential particularly for the pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industry. Until now, in the sector mentioned above batch crystallization is favored despite many processes prior to crystallization are performed in a continuous mode. Thus, the need for continuous crystallization in mesoscale apparatuses is of major interest.

Thereby, the slug flow crystallizer (SFC) is a promising apparatus to obtain an enhanced product quality by e.g., narrowing the CSD. The segmented flow made up of liquid and gaseous compartments shows a well-mixed behavior inside the liquid slugs without introducing the influence of an external mixer into the system. The focus is set on the development and characterization of an SFC such that a controlled crystalline product quality is reached. These studies are compared to a commercially available continuous crystallizer to find the best performing crystallizer with regard to the respective crystalline product quality desired.



  •  Maren Termühlen; Benedikt Strakeljahn; Gerhard Schembecker; Kerstin Wohlgemuth
    Quantification and Evaluation of Operating Parameters’ Effect on Suspension Behavior for Slug Flow Crystallization
    Chemical Engineering Science 243 (2021) 116771


  • Maren Termühlen, Matthias Markus Etmanski, Ines Kryschewski, Anne Cathrine Kufner, Gerhard Schembecker, Kerstin Wohlgemuth
    Continuous Slug Flow Crystallization: Impact of Design and Operating Parameters on Product Quality
    Chemical Engineering Research and Design ( https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cherd.2021.04.006 )

  • Maren Termühlen, Benedikt Strakeljahn, Gerhard Schembecker, Kerstin Wohlgemuth
    Characterization of slug formation towards the performance of air-liquid segmented flow
    Chemical Engineering Science, 207 (2019) 1288-1298

  • Marie-Christine Lührmann, Maren Termühlen, Jan Timmermann, Gerhard Schembecker, Kerstin Wohlgemuth
    Induced nucleation by gassing and its monitoring for the design and operation of an MSMPR cascade
    Chemical Engineering Science, 192 (2018) 840-849

  • Marie-Christine Ostermann, Maren Termühlen, Gerhard Schembecker, Kerstin Wohlgemuth
    Growth Rate Measurements of Organic Crystals in a Cone-Shaped Fluidized-Bed Cell
    Chemical Engineering and Technology 41 (2018) 1165-1172

Oral Presentations

  • M. Termühlen, A. C. Kufner, M. Etmanski, G. Schembecker, K. Wohlgemuth
    Continuous Slug Flow Crystallization Focusing on Enhanced Product Quality Control
    Online Präsentation Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgruppe Kristallisation (2020)

  • M. Termühlen, M. Etmanski, I. Kryschewski, G. Schembecker, K. Wohlgemuth
    Operating Window and Cooling Concept for Continuous Slug Flow Crystallization
    Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgruppe Kristallisation, Bamberg (2019)

  • M. Termühlen, B. Strakeljahn, I. Kryschewski, G. Schembecker, K. Wohlgemuth
    Characterization of Flow Regime and Solid Suspension Behavior for the Design of a Continuous Slug Flow Crystallizer
    25th International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization “BIWIC”, Rouen, FRA (2018)

  • M. Termühlen, B.Strakeljahn, G.Schembecker, K.Wohlgemuth
    Characterization of Flow Regime and Solid Suspension within Continuous Slug Flow Crystallization
    Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgruppe Kristallisation, Bremen (2018)