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Student assistent - Hiwi-Jobs

Opportunity to graduation




Student assistent


Are you interested to get a deeper view in our research, teaching or industrial projects?

We are always looking for students with good marks, which are strongly interested to get more details about our research. Thereby, you get the possibilty to train your theoretical and practical knowledge and to experience the work in our group.

If you are interested just ask one of the scientific assistents.arrow


Scientific Staff

Opportunity to graduation

There are no open position announced at the moment? No problem. We are happy if you send us your significant application.

Applicants should have recently ended their studies in chemical engineering or similar with excellent marks. Additionally, they should have strong interest in our research activities (chromatography, crystallization, systematic design of downstream processes, plant design). Applications should be sent to Prof. G. Schembecker.


Ph.D. positions